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Past Life Regression

I have always believed in reincarnation. Intrigued by the veil of mystery, fascinated by the idea that we have lived previous lives and our soul has always been a traveler.

In 2008, I had the opportunity to experience a past life regression and I am still in awe of my experience up until this very day. I was working as a journalist then and came across a physic fair in Durban. Among the long list of astrologers, tarot card readers, soothsayers and physics, I found a past life regression practitioner. I was curious and decided I was going to go see her. I mentioned it to my news editor and she thought it would make for a good story. I made the appointment with lady, her name was Wendy – and with a photographer we made our way out to her. I expected to meet with someone who looked like a gypsy fortune teller - hidden behind dark curtains and seated in front of a wooden table draped in red velvet table cloth, gazing into her crystal ball. Far from it, Wendy was regular lady and ran her practise from her granny cottage – which made me a lot more relaxed and comfortable to continue.

She said she would put me under a hypnotic trance during the session. She gave me clear instructions and I followed them through – albeit not convince I was going to regress. But before I knew it, I felt as if I was speeding through a time tunnel (like you see in the movies) and when she asked me to look down at my feet and describe myself, I was gobsmacked. There I was looking down at white, male feet, cushioned in soft white sea sand. He was wearing beige shorts and a floral shirt, he had a drink in his hand - it looked as if he was on an island holiday. He had black hair, with shiny grey strands and piercing blues eyes – he was attractive. As we got to know him better and to my utter shock, more details surfaced. The man, Dr Brian Wesley Matthews, was a cardiologist based in California. He exuded confidence and was well respected by his peers. He was happily married and had two children (a boy and a girl). I remember being inside his house, which was tastefully decorated and adorned with hundreds of family pictures throughout the house – they were a happy family. Wendy asked that I go to his last day in that life and I saw him lying on a bed, surrounded by his family. He was in his eighties by then, his children were grown up – they were standing at the foot of his bed. His wife, who had aged but she was still very attractive, stood beside him and I think a doctor was also in that room. I watched him surrounded by the love of his family as he took his last breath. I saw his soul exit his body through his head, float above the room for a moment and then shoot off. I could not believe my own words as I described what I was seeing – it seemed so surreal.

We moved immediately to the next life  - my soul was born in the body of a little girl, named Lilly, who lived in Rwanda. Lilly had health complications, she died days after her birth. I saw her being laid to rest in a tiny white coffin covered by red soil. Her inconsolable mother, older sister and aunt were at her funeral. And before I knew it I could hear my mother’s voice – I was reincarnated into this life. During the hypnotic trance I was fully aware of my surroundings and what I was saying and the pictures I was seeing in my head.

When I got out of the session I was overwhelmed – where did I get that information from? I wondered! Was it a movie I watched? Was my mind playing tricks on me? I have never seen these people or heard their names in my life. What happened in those few hours I was in that trance made me want to find out more. The story was published in the Sunday Tribune and the response we received from readers was amazing – they too were curious to know more.

When I studied reiki I came across the Akashic Records. According to the Akashic Records Institute - The Akashic Records of the body holds the memories that we need in this lifetime. As we go through this life creating new memories, these memories are added to the Akashic Records of our body. These records are located behind the neck and are directly connected to our chakras (body’s energy centres) – it is also connected to the Akashic Records of our soul, which is located in the Akasha, otherwise known as the 5th dimension. The 5th dimension is the dimension of creation and manifestation. It is the vibrational space of no judgment, fear, density, thought or ego. While we physically live in the third dimension when we access the akashic records of our soul we are tapping into the 5th dimension, according to the Akashic Records Institute. The Akashic Records of our soul contains all the memories of all experiences acquired in all lifetimes. Every living being has its own Akashic Records.

When I delved further into various modalities of healing – considering I have had requests from clients wanting to know if reiki can heal past life trauma (yes, reiki can heal past life trauma). But in every life we live our soul chooses the lessons we need to learn in that life. Understanding where we coming from and what have we experienced in our past lives – past life regression serves a valuable healing modality to help in the healing process. Many of us carry trauma, grief, sorrow, behaviour, attitudes and other traits from our past lives. Often we can’t understand why this troubles us so – where did it come from? Why is it there? How can I get rid of it? – but we should be focusing on what lessons we need to learn from the experiences our soul gained through its  journeys.

While not everyone can be regressed – sometimes we need to sort out the issues we have in this life before we can go back to previous ones. Past life regression has helped people with anxiety, phobias, fear, health and many other conditions. A regression always give you clarity, strengthened belief there is indeed a higher being and that death is only an end of a chapter and the soul’s story continues until it attains enlightenment.

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