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"Energy healing is for people who want to better understand their body and how it works.
Who want to treat more than just the symptoms of their condition - but also their mind, body and spirit.
Moksha Reiki specialises in energy healing. I help you find your balance by getting to the root cause  - help you deal with it and heal from it. Unlike modern medicine there are no side-effects.
I  use the ancient healing techniques of  reiki and crystal healing to assist you in living a life of better health and greater purpose."


Moksha Reiki is about finding your balance and living your best life. I specialise in Usui Shiki Ryoho (western Reiki) - using universal energies to aid in healing the body, mind spirit  and soul. A holistic approach to healing looks deeper to find the root cause of a problem. This requires studying the client's overall physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing before recommending the required treatment.

 I am also certified therapeutic hypnotherapist, past life regression practitioner and crystal healer. 

My name is Doreen Premdev, I am the founder of Moksha Reiki. 

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