Since my session I have a sureness of self. I have been more confident about my passions and have really started to own it. I feel gutsy enough to put myself out there.

There's a newness about the zest and self-assuredness I feel. I'm wondering whether it had anything to do with our session together - my heart tells me it does.


I am seeing positive changes in my son since he started reiki. The trauma he experienced from bullying at school left him depressed and broken. But I see the changes in him, he is sleeping much better and having the most amazing dreams that make him feel so powerful. I feel he is harnessing his personal power. He is talking a lot more and it is so comforting for us as parents to see our son happy again.


I enjoy having reiki sessions, it's rejuvenating and helps me sleep better. Now I am  more focused on work. I usually feel the effects of reiki a day later and it's a positive feeling. I used to struggle with lower back pain and regular reiki has helped in reducing this pain. As I got more familiar with the treatment I could feel the energy moving through my body - it's a gentle and comforting treatment.


The first time I tried reiki I didn't really feel anything however I was relaxed during the session. A day or so later I noticed some changes - I felt more relaxed and at ease. A short while later the little things that used to stress me out, didn't bother me. At my second session I felt a vibration running through my body. After the treatment it felt as if I had just been for a spa treatment, it was fantastic. I have started scheduling one session every month and I feel more balanced and rejuvernated.


It was a feeling like I have never experienced. I could feel the heat from the practioner's hands and as she moved them over me, I felt very relaxed and soothed. My tension headaches have stopped and I feel more present now than ever before. I'm not regretful of the past or anxious about the future. I am more focused and this has helped me improve my family life,  work and staying committed to keeping fit and healthy.


I have been trying to reduce my weight since I had my kids. I started going for sessions in the hope of finding a miracle that would help in reducing my weight - but no such luck. However I have now became more aware of how my unhealthy eating habbits and lack of exercise was doing to me. My negative self-talk didn't help much either. I changed my attitude and my thoughts and I am starting to slim down. Reiki has changed the way I think in a positive way.


Reiki was recommended to me by a friend, as I struggled with an old sports injury to my left knee. I didn't know anything about reiki. The first session went well, I was relaxed and it was a pleasant experience. I decided to follow up with more sessions and we identified the root cause of my knee problem - it was not related to the sport injury but rather to a decison I was afraid of taking. Since I dealth with this problem my knee pain has gone. Reiki truly heals the body, mind and spirit.