Soul Investments

WE spend our lives trying to acquire as many material possessions as we possibly can – believing this is how we leave behind our legacy of success. We invest in beautiful homes, expensive furniture, fancy cars, designer clothes – but is all of this really important?

Yes we need a good, safe home, clothes to dress ourselves and for many (like me) a car is essential. But sometimes we need to wonder why we do all of this when we take nothing with us when we leave this planet. While it’s important to secure the future of our children and loved ones, it’s equally important to consider lavishly investing in our soul. Many will live their lives never thinking about the soul (it’s usually because we can’t see it) – sometimes when a loved one dies we reminded of the soul. We are too occupied with our body, when actually the soul is quintessential to who we are.

The purpose of the soul includes learning and experiencing new things, identifying talents and gifts – and most importantly finding it’s true purpose and this is how we move towards becoming enlightened. For those who believe in reincarnation, it is said that in each life we take there are lessons to be learned. When we learn these lessons and grow to become better beings, our soul gets a step closer to reaching enlightenment. And when we finally reach enlightenment we are removed from the cycle of rebirth.

So how do we find our soul’s purpose? Well it’s really not that hard and you don’t have to look too far – all you need to do is go within. Our soul resides in our body and to access it we need to learn to quieten our mind (try meditation, doing things that relaxes you and what you love, being outdoors in nature, getting creative, spending time with children, pets or whatever makes you happy). Once you able to get your mind to that relaxed state you are better able to communicate with the soul – and this will be a life changer. This is were you will also find the spirituality many long for and some reason assume it’s somewhere out there – when truth be told it has always been inside of each and every one of us all along.

No, I haven’t lost my mind – in fact I think I found it. When you ready to try this do it… trust me there will come a time when you will be. Many of us live our lives unhappy and feeling caged - desperately longing to be break off the shackles that hold us back and just be free. When we do the things we are destined to do – life becomes more meaningful. We become spiritually wealthy beyond our wildest dreams. The path to our purpose is lit up and we walk through it confidently, savoring every second.

When that day comes and we have to leave this life – our soul gets to take all of this wealth of knowledge with it. I’m not suggesting we leave our comfortable homes, good jobs and other material possessions we have got so accustomed to and go off to the mountains to be alone with our soul. All I’m saying is while attaining all of this, do it with purpose – so we enrich our body, mind, spirit and soul.

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