Reiki Found Me

REIKI changed my life – yes, I know it sounds clichéd. But it’s the truth, since getting into reiki I have been navigating paths I never imagined I would venture – and I’m just loving it.

Reiki found me when I was caught in the middle of a storm of excruciating grief, disappointment and loss. I was trying to deal with the death of my mother. I pined for her everyday day, hoping this was all just a horrible nightmare and I would wake up to be greeted by my mother. Her beautiful smile and deep dimples, reassuring me that all is well. But every day I awoke to a new dawn without a mother. Putting on a brave face for my family, I pulled myself together and got on with my day. When it got too hard to bear, I would go to the bathroom and cry until there was no tears left to cry.

Lost in grief, I put my trust in God. “She’s with God, I know she is happy and no longer in pain. That’s all that matters,” I believed. But that didn’t fill the enormous void she left behind. One day my husband and I were chatting about our health and he suggested I try reiki. He had gone for a few session and was convinced it was for me. He suggested I try out a session and if I liked it I should consider studying it. I was amused he would be interested in something like this but figured why not check it out.

I went for a session and really didn’t feel much difference, just a little tired. In the days to come I went from this is not my thing to I’m going to do this. I thought it might make for a good story. Well this is my story but it’s nothing close to what I initially imagined. I foolishly assumed reiki was some sort of trickery.

Months of pain and grief finally ended when reiki found its way into my life. It filled that deep void in me with love and light and gave me hope – all I had to do was have faith. I dived right in, immersed myself in learning and researching reiki and climbed my way out of a deep dark hole I buried myself in. I was finally feeling the sun on my face and I felt alive. I learned to meditate and this too is my saving grace. In this beautiful place I go to my mind, I have found peace with life, death and everything in between. And most importantly I have found peace with my mum’s passing. Yes she is gone, but I’m comforted by the fact that she is always with me, my family – she’s always guiding us.

I will never forget her words days before she died – “my sickness is not in my body, it’s in my mind,” she said. I wish I knew then what I know now. I’ve accepted it was her time but maybe I could have eased her pain, given her the opportunity to feel what I feel when I receive reiki. Reiki teaches the importance of healing the body, mind and spirit. You can never fully heal if the body, mind and spirit are not in sync. I have always believed in God, but reiki (even though it is not linked to any religion) reassures me every time that there is a higher power and it’s loving, healing and magical. I think my eight year-old son describes reiki best – it makes him feel “happy”. And I love sharing this happiness, I believe this is what I was meant to do - through reiki I found my soul’s purpose. Helping others heal their body, mind and spirit – so they too can live a life of greater purpose.

Recently, I became a certified past life regression practitioner. Learning about past life regression reassured me that my journey with my mum is far from over. We in this together forever, all of us. Miss you every day mum.

Always live in love and light. Reiki blessings to you and yours.

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