Keep At It

HOW is it that people place much importance on charging their cellphones every day but don’t see the importance of charging their bodies regularly? If you want your body to function optimally you need to recharge it as often as you can.

Some people get a reiki session, they super charged and leave only to return three months later – looking drained and physically, emotionally and mentally ? exhausted. They question whether reiki is really working for them. Truth be told reiki cannot perform miracles if you not willing to put in the effort to keep at it.

Could it be they underestimate the significance of reiki because it’s a simple process and they not convinced it will heal them. Or are we conditioned to believe the only time we will heal is if we popping pills to take the pain away. I religiously take my medication but I know modern medicine helps treat only the symptom of my health concern. So I looked further to get to the root of the problem and heal - reiki has helped me do this and it’s been life-changing.

Reiki is a complementary treatment to modern or allopathic medicine – it will not replace medicine prescribed for you by your medical doctor. Used together with modern medicine reiki gets to work on treating the mind, body and spirit and healing holistically. In order for you to see the benefits of reiki you need to keep your treatments regular and adopt a lifestyle that will get you active and out in nature more often. In Ayurveda (which is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, originated in India more than 5000 years ago) it’s stresses that in order for your body to function well you need proper rest, nutritious food, movement (exercise), meditation and emotional well-being. If you not doing this already, it’s time to consider making changes to your lifestyle.

Reiki is vitally important to attaining balance – it aides in reducing stress, relaxes the body and mind and this encourages the body to heal itself. All that’s needed is that you remain dedicated to reiki and you will see improvements not only in your health, but your relationships, career and your life. Reiki is a profoundly spiritual healing – receiving reiki opens you up to spiritual awareness and awakening. Getting into reiki is a relationship that requires commitment and the benefits are bountiful. So keep at it, I can guarantee this is one relationship that will never lose its spark.

Always live in love and light. Reiki blessings to you and yours.

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