Finding Moksha

MOKSHA is a Sanskrit word meaning enlightenment. When you reach moksha your soul is removed from the cycle of rebirth – it has attained liberation. My journey to moksha has only just started and I feel as if I’ve awakened from a deep, deep sleep.

I’m sure I have a few life times to live before I attain my moksha – but to be honest I’m in no hurry. Sometimes we focus too much on reaching our destination that we forget to enjoy the journey. I want to savor every second and hope to always be a student, learning something new every day as I journey through life. I know I will eventually reach my destination, but to be honest I feel the journey is far more important because this is where I am blossoming into a better version of myself.

We sometimes envious of other’s success but don’t think for a moment of how they went about to achieve this – the obstacles and challenges they faced. This makes me think of the lotus flower. It’s beauty is captivating, but this flower defies all odds growing in murky waters and still blooms into something beautiful. I think of this as a metaphor to describe life – a seed is planted in our head, we want to achieve something. But it’s not always easy and many of us struggle, some give up and other’s forge ahead despite the odds. If we stay determined and focused, after some time and effort we see progress. Every thing we do in our life is a learning process – whether good or bad, we gain knowledge and wisdom from the experience.

While life is not always be easy, we need to bear in my mind that every challenge makes us stronger. At times something beautiful is born from what we initially thought was a disappointment, failure or tragedy – it leads us to the path we are meant to be on. And when we finally on the right path, things get easier and life just flows to a beautiful rhythm. This is when our body, mind, spirit and soul are in sync.

As I continue to learn and sometimes stumble along the way I choose to take it in my stride – we learn from our mistakes. Each experience making us stronger, wiser, fearless and gives us an insatiable desire to do better.

I used to think life will be hard or a struggle – thankfully I am starting to see things differently. I now prefer to think life has its challenges and the more we learn, the better we get at it.

Always live in love and light. Reiki blessings to you and yours.

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